About Us

Why Us?

Kuak Hill Resort will indulge you with a port of relief and tranquility surrounded by a mixture of secondary forest and orchard trees with panoramic near distance views of Lake Raban and spectacular backdrop of Titiwangsa Mountains lush rainforest at the horizon. Trails of nature explorable by feet and ATV, rushes of cool breeze from the mountain, and freshly harvested ingredients of the highest quality such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and honey produced by our suppliers with passion for agriculture can all be enjoyed at our resort

Our Mission

Our Vision

It is the vision of Kuak Hill Sports & recreations to provide exceptional opportunities for those who serve to experience an exciting rush of extreme sports in the middle of the wilderness alongside fun times with family and friends

What We Provide?

Nature Peace

Greeneries at all glances with every accommodation is at the very touch of the nature's breeze, guests can enjoy the complete serenity away from the buzzing city as the perfect rejuvenation for the mind and body as the saying here in Kuak Hill "Life Hurts, Nature heals"

Fruit Orchard

The blessing of the earth by mother nature can be freshly picked as the fruit season comes in full bloom, the Durian season is the perfect time for the "King of the fruit" lovers to visit and enjoy the fruit-picking package provided specially by the resort

Jungle Venture

Tired of venturing through skylines in the city? Live up to the best adventure through the lush greens with the ATV package and trail the invigorating draft of fresh air with your loved ones. Kuak Hill Resort offers the best experience of thrills like no other catering to the extreme sports lover!

Splendid Dining

After a day of exploring the vast activity at Kuak Hill Resort you can sit, dine-in and relax at the cafe where we offer refreshments at any time of the day or night, the lounge cafe is perfect for friends and family to enjoy the view while fueling the tummy with fresh ingredients served using regional and seasonal ingredients

Breathtaking View

Sitting pretty up on the hill, Kuak Hill Resort offers a breathtaking view of the Titiwangsa Range and Tasik Raban. Immense yourself with a bird's eye view of the whole development overseeing the uninterrupted pleasant skyline paired with velvet clouds at day and the stars on a clear night

Exotic Animal

Your adventure in Kuak Hill Resort would not be complete without experiencing a hands-on interaction with the friendly common and exotic species to complement the nature stay. Animal companions such as exotic birds and rabbits will provide a wholesome experience for you and your loved ones!

Where To Find Us?

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